840.48/8–544: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

6265. I have just received the following communication from Mr. Eden under today’s date with reference to the matter dealt with in my 6192 August 3, 6 p.m.:46

“I have now been able to give further consideration to Mr. Hull’s communication to you which you kindly left with me when you came to see me on the 19th July. As you know, it has been our policy to refuse to allow relief supplies into Europe through the blockade, and it was the purpose of Mr. Foot’s conversations in Washington to provide an alternative by making arrangements for an increase in relief supplies drawn from within the blockade area. Nevertheless, I fuller understand the importance which Mr. Hull attaches to doing something to satisfy the pressure of certain sections of public opinion in the United States and it is with this in mind that we are examining his proposal that a special committee should be set up in London to study the question. You will understand that I cannot agree to the setting up of such a committee until I have consulted my colleagues, since even a study of the question involves a reversal of the policy which we have consistently adopted. As soon as I have obtained their views I will let you know.”

  1. Not printed.