840.51 Frozen Credits 25/42: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

2011. The economic project containing controls legislation, see my telegram 1892, November 4, 7 p.m.,32 was voted on in the Chamber of Deputies on November 23 after having been voted out of the Senate on November 17. The final result was that Senate and lower house approved all except some half dozen provisions and most of last week was occupied in determining whether differences should be resolved by a mixed commission of both houses under article LI of the Constitution. Notwithstanding considerable opposition the project was transmitted directly to the President of the Republic Saturday, omitting the articles not agreed on, but it is reported that the President may veto certain sections respecting increased salary scales of Government employees before signing the measure. It therefore appears likely that project and with it the controls legislation may be promulgated as a law this week or the early part of the ensuing week.33

  1. Not printed.
  2. The President and his Ministers signed the decree promulgating the Economic Project legislation on December 22, 1943.