825.85/201: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

1271. Re sale of CSAV vessels. Have been handicapped in CSAV matter by Fernández’ illness, but he said on Thursday all officials would sign agreement including President and he would be in position to reply to my note87 in behalf of Chilean Government unless President felt it necessary or desirable that Senate’s approval be obtained as well. He personally did not think this necessary. Yesterday he sent word that the President does feel the Senate’s approval desirable and that it will be asked on Monday and action would be immediately taken by Senate. Shall follow this up on Monday morning and again strongly urge immediate action. It would probably greatly facilitate action if I were authorized to imply that unless action is most speedy we may have to abandon the negotiations.

  1. No. 2178, June 29, p. 879.