033.1110 Wallace, Henry A./165: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

600. For the President from the Vice President. I send you greetings from your distant cousins in Chile, Señores Fernandes and Enrique Delano. One of the brothers in particular looks very much like your uncle Frederick. I found them in good spirits but they did not seem to be able to speak a single word of English.

The enthusiasm with which I have been received first in Costa Rica, later in Panama and now here in Chile is a great tribute to your policy of the good neighbor. The people in these countries have already seen in their daily lives definite benefit from this policy. [Page 65] They have great expectations that the post-war period will see a vastly increased cooperation that will bring about the increase in the standard of living which all of the common people need so much in these countries. The results of the Good Neighbor Policy thus far have been so fruitful that the possibilities of extending our cooperation into new fields beneficial both to us and to the other American Republics seems to me worth whatever effort needed on our part.

We are all of us enjoying ourselves immensely, working hard, and send warmest regards. H. A. Wallace.