Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

The Chilean Ambassador1 called to see me this evening at his request.

The Ambassador said that some days ago he had met the Vice President at lunch and, in the course of a purely informal discussion, the Vice President had made it clear that while he did not like official visits on account of the number of ceremonial functions involved, he would like very much to visit Chile, provided the visit could be so arranged as to make it possible for him to see the agricultural and labor problems of Chile at first hand.

The Ambassador said that he had reported this by air mail to his Government and had now received instructions to inquire whether the Vice President could accept an invitation to be the official guest of the Government of Chile. The Ambassador intimated that his Government believed that if the Vice President’s visit could take place, it would be easier for President Rios2 to visit Washington, which he was very anxious to do.

I stated that this of course was a question which would have to be submitted to the President and that I would do so and after I had learned the President’s wishes I would talk informally with the Vice President and I would then give the Ambassador the views of this Government with regard to the invitation extended.

S[umner] W[elles]
  1. Rodolfo Michels.
  2. Juan Antonio Ríos, President of Chile.