824.00/1278: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia (Boal) to the Secretary of State

1977. The Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario under Victor Paz Estenssoro seized the Bolivian Government early this morning, December 20. The MNE has occupied the Palace and imprisoned General Peñaranda1 and most principal generals and high Government officials including General Candia2 and Zilveti Arce.3 Major Taborga who has been head of the Traffic Department is one of the principal revolutionary leaders and has already been designated Minister of Government. It appears that most of the army has sided with the revolution. Radio broadcasts have included reading of Peñaranda’s resignation as a response to the will of the people and the army. See this Embassy’s despatch No. 2400 of October 20, 1943.4

  1. Enrique Peñaranda, President of Bolivia.
  2. Gen. Miguel Candia, onetime Minister of War.
  3. Pedro Zilveti Arce, Minister of Government.
  4. Not printed; the Ambassador indicated evidence that the MNR wished to cooperate with the United States (824.00/1238).