800.8830/2424: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

A–1175. Your despatches 1069281 and 10693 of June 23, 1943. Please inform the Department whether the 39 additional small publications listed in despatch 10692 import their own newsprint requirements direct or are supplied by local distributors.

The information concerning recommended quotas will be held strictly confidential and Embassy’s suggestion will be followed. Mr. Agusti obtained his information from his suppliers and was well versed with respect to the method of allotting shipping space for newsprint before he called on officials of the Department.

Every effort will be made to suggest equitable newsprint distribution for all consignees on Argentine vessels but, as has been previously stated to the Embassy, loadings for Flota steamers are controlled in Buenos Aires.

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In making monthly reports to the Department of newsprint received by each consignee, please also include newsprint received from Sweden or other foreign countries.

The Department will attempt to keep the Embassy informed of all shipments of newsprint to consignees in Argentina.

Embassy’s report 10692 is extremely helpful and is appreciated by the Department.

  1. See footnote 80, p. 412.