Memorandum by the Chief of the American Hemisphere Exports Office (Ravndal) to the Executive Secretary of the Board of Economic Operations (Collado)

Argentine Newsprint Situation

Mr. Collado: In accordance with requests from our Embassy in Buenos Aires, newsprint shipments were concentrated on the leading publications, especially El Mundo and Crítica. La Nación had been aided previously through the Department’s efforts and La Prensa was never short of newsprint on account of its special arrangement with Dodero. All other leading newspapers were otherwise taken care of.

Buenos Aires sent telegram no. 432 on February 25 stating that on account of the non-arrival of Swedish newsprint “perhaps one half Argentine newspapers will be forced to close”. A request was sent to Buenos Aires for the names of the papers that were in danger of closing. Our inquiry elicited the information contained in telegram no. 500 of March 4.73 The complaint now is that only the large papers have been receiving newsprint and that “scores of small papers not indicated for quota” were in danger of closing. The small papers were supplied by distributors who are allegedly short of newsprint.

The question now arises as to whether the Department should continue its policy of concentrating on the important publications or scatter its efforts to include the innumerable small publications. The smaller publications are the ones that print the material distributed by the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs and it might be suggested to the Coordinator that he purchase sufficient newsprint to care for the requirements of all of the small publications, consigning the newsprint to one distributor.74

In the meantime, the Flota has agreed to carry 2,500 tons monthly starting in April when 4,000 tons should move. Flota, Dodero, and an occasional steamer will carry the monthly 5,000 tons required on a restricted basis by Argentina.

C. M. Ravndal
  1. Not printed.
  2. This suggestion does not appear to have been acted upon, as the newsprint situation apparently changed immediately for the better.