800.8830/2234: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Armour)

247. The agents for the Flota Mercante report the receipt of a telegram stating that the President has approved an increase in newsprint shipments on the Flota to a level of 2100 tons per month. The telegram states that further discussions are in progress and it is hoped that the President will approve the 2500 ton minimum figure specified by the Department.

Please report progress of these discussions. The Argentines have requested a shipping permit for fresh fruits on a refrigerated vessel which is due to leave about the middle of March. Do you recommend the issuance of an interim permit for say a further 300 tons on the strength of the above reported action of the Argentine Government, and pending a final decision on the 2500 tons. This Government is not prepared to accept less than 2500 tons as the final level, and would prefer a 3000 ton figure.