The Ambassador in Peru (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

No. 7911

Sir: In transmitting the attached copy of Dr. John P. Gillin’s75 letter of September 20, 1943,76 to Mr. Lazo of OEW,77 attention of [Page 280] Mr. A. A. Bombe, I have the honor to state that the contents were discussed by the corresponding Lima representatives of OEW and of the Embassy and that the suggestions represent practical methods of ironing out wrinkles for Peru.

However, it is felt there is an additional point of importance. The Decentralization Plan is operating quite successfully and the Embassy is giving adequate attention to the import recommendations prepared and submitted by the Department of Importations of the Finance Ministry.

The primary responsibility for making the service available to all the Peruvians, regardless of their location within the Republic, rests with the Peruvian authorities, and the Embassy has discussed the general subject with them on different occasions. At one time Finance Minister East was considering the appointment of regional representatives of the Office of Importations, but for reasons best known to him there have been no developments toward achieving that objective. In any event, it does seem that as importers in all parts of the country have become better acquainted with the Decentralization Plan, the necessity of opening branch offices at the Country Agency has correspondingly diminished. Whenever the Iquitos importers become sufficiently interested to do so, they are at liberty to take their own particular problems up with the Finance Ministry and bring about such adjustments as the Peruvians may deem appropriate. The Embassy, of course, will handle as usual all applications whenever they are submitted.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
Julian Greenup

Counselor for Economic Affairs
  1. Export official of the Office of Economic Warfare.
  2. Not printed.
  3. In charge of the Exports Office of the Office of Economic Warfare.