The Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Aranha) to the American Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

DEC/440/832.1 (42) (22)

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of note No. 1942 of November 9, 1942 [1943], with which Your Excellency submitted for the approval of the Ministry the final draft of a Memorandum the object of which is to modify, in part, the existing procedure, between your Embassy and the Carteira de Exportação e Importação of the Bank of Brazil, for the handling of “Preference Requests”, referred to in the exchange of notes, between your Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 20 and May 7, 1943,81 respectively.

In reply, I wish to inform you that the Brazilian Government is in accord with the modifications referred to, it being understood that there will prevail all the procedures previously adopted not expressly modified by the Memorandum whose translation in Portuguese accompanies the present note.

I improve the opportunity to renew to Your Excellency the protests of my highest consideration.

Oswaldo Aranha
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