810.5018/211: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Dominican Republic (Warren) to the Secretary of State

201. Department’s telegram 163, June 17, 7 p.m. Ambassador White has given me the impression that the Haitian Government is anxious that the stockpiling continue and that the Overland Highway be used for transportation of foodstuffs. The Dominican Government has lent the project its support as a contribution to the war effort. While the use of the route is a potential source of friction between the Dominican Republic and Haiti I believe that the opportunity should be given to test its practicability and allow it a trial period of perhaps 2 months working out the full promised tonnage of 2,000 tons monthly. Cargo and tires have only just become available and in my opinion there is an obligation on the part of the American Government to give the two countries a chance to demonstrate whether they are able to put the route to use on an amicable basis.

Should the Department consider it advisable to terminate the project I hope I may be authorized to discuss the matter with the appropriate Dominican officials before definitive action is taken.