Memorandum by the Assistant Liaison Officer (Key)

Upon receipt of the attached memorandum1 I telephoned Colonel Goodfellow of the O.S.S. (Executive 6100) with a view to ascertaining whether there had been any developments since I had spoken to him on August 13.

Colonel Goodfellow informed me that he, likewise, had received a copy of the memorandum, and on the basis thereof had addressed a communication to General Arnold’s office expressing the hope that means would be found of complying with the Ambassador’s requests. The letter also mentioned that General Bonner Fellers, an expert on the Middle East, whence the Yugoslav aviators would operate, was in favor of permitting the aviators to remain as officers of the Yugoslav Army and that, because of political considerations, the Under Secretary of State likewise had expressed the hope that the War Department could meet the Ambassador’s wishes.

Colonel Goodfellow stated that he was about to go off on a leave but that he would instruct his secretary, Miss Dockery, to inform me as soon as a reply had been received from General Arnold’s office.

David McK. Key
  1. Not attached to file copy.