The Yugoslav Embassy to the Department of State

The Yugoslav Prime Minister Mr. Slobodan Yovanovich had a conversation on February 20, 1943, with the Soviet Ambassador Mr. Bogomolov, regarding the newspaper campaign against General Mihailovich.

The Soviet Ambassador renewed his earlier statements that the Soviet government considers the struggle between the Chetniks and the Partisans a purely Yugoslav internal affair in which it does not wish to get involved. However, the Soviet government welcomes anyone who rises to fight against the Axis. Its relations with the Yugoslav government remain unaltered.

The Yugoslav Prime Minister expressed the wish of the Yugoslav government to maintain best relations with the Soviet government, adding that at the present time every dissension, no matter how small, might prove useful to the aims of German propaganda.

The British Ambassador to Moscow was instructed by his government to attempt the negotiation of an agreement between the Partisans and General Mihailovich.