740.00112 European War 1939/8343: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

1451. Söderblom of F.O. called Senior Counselor of German Legation to Foreign Office early last [apparent omission] and said that some definite action must be taken on Sweden’s request for Germans to permit Göteborg traffic to be reopened, that if this were not done in immediate future it must be considered that Germany is abrogating original agreement and that appropriate steps must then be taken by Swedish Government. On Saturday May 1 German Legation stated that it had received instructions to say that Göteborg traffic would be permitted to be reopened but only so long as Lionel and Dicto two Norwegian ships lying in Göteborg harbor did not sail. F.O. immediately instructed Swedish Minister in London to approach F.O. and state that it would like assurance ships would not sail before October 15 to permit Swedish Government to say that these ships would not sail at least until that date. Yesterday Orme Sargent50 told Swedish Minister that he would give a definite reply on this point before May 6, date when Swedish delegates to trade negotiations are expected to leave for London as Swedish Government is extremely anxious that this matter be settled with German Government before knowledge of delegates presence in London becomes public. There matter rests.

Repeated to London as my 242.

  1. British Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.