740.00112 European War 1939/7632: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

159. Secretary General Foreign Office asked British Minister and me to see him this morning (see my 148, January 14, 4 p.m.). He [Page 748] informed us that Swedish Government agrees to grant immediate clearance for Lionel and Dicto whenever requested, understanding, however, that clearance will not be availed of until Sveadrott has reached Swedish territorial waters. Sveadrott is now at Kristiansand and will probably arrive tomorrow.

Swedish Government agrees to our reply to Swedish request No. 2.

Boheman said, however, that if for any reason proposed negotiations in London do not begin within next few weeks, Swedish Government will if it thinks it necessary take up with British and American Governments question involved regarding division of Swedish oil quota into quarterly installments.

Boheman also expressed his Government’s acquiescence in Department’s reply to Swedish requests 1, 3 and 4. Mallet yesterday left an aide-mémoire with Foreign Office stating substantially same views expressed by Department in its telegram 5118 as to points 1, 3 and 4. Point 2, he said, had been left to decision of American Government. Today I left an aide-mémoire confirming conversation of yesterday as reported my 148, substance of all four points as authorized in telegram 51.

Mr. Boheman told me that he had greatest difficulty in persuading his Government to release these ships and British Minister subsequently confirmed to me his conviction that their release had in fact been due to efforts of Mr. Boheman. British Minister also expressed his deep appreciation for very able help and support in this difficult negotiation which was given him by Mr. Greene when Chargé d’Affaires.

Repeated to London.

  1. January 13, 7 p.m., p. 745.