851.01/1080: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

464. From Murphy. Today’s local newspapers carry an announcement under a Washington date line to the effect that it has been revealed that during the course of Eden’s conversations in Washington complete agreement has been reached with respect to Anglo-American policy concerning France.

The publication of this announcement is giving rise to questions on the part of both French groups here, particularly in view of Catroux’s [Page 82]imminent arrival now scheduled for March 25. I should welcome information regarding the recent trend of Anglo-American discussions as well as any guidance regarding the attitude you may wish me to take in connection with the forthcoming conversations on the subject of French unity.

In the first instance we might wish to inform both Giraud and de Gaulle or his representative that whereas unity of French effort is one of the general objectives of the joint Anglo-American policy, the form and details of such unity are matters for the French themselves to work out with the general understanding that no provisional government of France will be established until France and the French people are liberated. [Murphy.]