851D.20/38: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Cayenne (LaMont)

19. Acting upon instructions from General de Gaulle, the Fighting French representative at Habana, Monsieur Philippe Grousset, has applied to our Embassy for air priority to Cayenne. Embassy states that unless otherwise instructed it will furnish priority for April 3, since if Grousset is not allowed to go soon he intends to cable his colleague in Bogotà to proceed in his place.

The Department has received a similar request from Fighting French Delegation here to permit Colonel Chevigné to proceed from Washington to Cayenne.

Now that Governor Rapenne has arrived and assumed control in the colony we would like to have the benefit of his views in considering future applications for persons desirous of proceeding to French Guiana. Please inform him in this sense and request his opinion on specific cases mentioned above.