851D.001/9: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General in Martinique (Malige)

65. Your 129 and 130, March 23.55 General Giraud has appointed Monsieur Rapenne as Governor of French Guiana. The latter is on his way from North Africa and should arrive in the immediate future.

In the meantime Colonel LeBel of the French North African Military Mission here arrived at Cayenne Sunday to establish contact with local authorities.

The situation in French Guiana remains quiet and there is every reason to hope that it will develop normally and satisfactorily.

Rice and other food supplies were immediately sent to Cayenne from Paramaribo. Cargo of the Guadeloupe, which included some 400 tons of supplies for French Guiana, was requisitioned by Lend Lease and is now en route to the colony. Details as to manner in which future supplies will be furnished have not yet been worked out but immediate needs are being amply cared for and necessary arrangements will be made in due course.

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