851D.20/31: Telegram

The Consul at Paramaribo (Scott) to the Secretary of State

18. Referring to my telegram No. 17.32 Two United States Army officers returned to Paramaribo this evening following a conference with LaMont, Lieutenant Colonel Van Egue and others. Full responsibility for situation assumed by the Lieutenant Colonel who requested immediate removal of Governor and entourage aggregating 13 and prompt action concerning a successor by Giraud; urgent action on basic foodstuffs including supplies awaiting shipment on [in] New Orleans; conference with qualified United States Army representative and permanent appointment American Army officer; that no troops should be sent unless required to meet emergencies and that the French gunboat Moulet be placed under surveillance. Colonels Meijer33 and Singer34 leaving for Cayenne Friday morning with an officer for duty there; Governor and collaborators to be removed to Paramaribo but preferably to Belem; French gunboat reported at St. Laurent 4 p.m. now under observation and local government shipping rice, corned beef and beans shortly to be dispensed by LaMont. Reliably advised food supplies sufficient only to April 15, therefore suggest that Department authorize American Ambassador at Rio de Janeiro arrange shipment meat, flour, medicines and all necessary clothing supplies from Belem on the Netherlands steamer Prince Bernhard carrying foodstuffs Cayenne due to arrive Belem within 10 days.

Despatch follows.

  1. Dated March 18, not printed.
  2. Col. J. K. Meijer, Territorial Commander of Surinam.
  3. Col. John Singer, Chief of the American Forces in Surinam.