851D.20/25: Telegram

The Consul General in Martinique (Malige) to the Secretary of State

116. In answer to questions Admiral Robert23 tells me that he will not use force of any kind in French Guiana but accepts the action of Governor Veber as a fait accompli. 24

For the past 3 days the Governor’s reports of the food situation and its possible repercussions had created concern in the Admiral, who was preparing to reply that a food relief ship would leave here March 30. The Admiral was bitter in his denunciation of Captain Hannicotte without whose defection he states the Governor would have received ample supplies in time.

The Admiral states his attitude to French Guiana will be that towards all dissident territories or complete severance of relations. He adds that the defection was not motivated by political considerations but by hunger. He was not aware of nor did he suspect any plot to overthrow the local government.

Repeated to LaMont. First paragraph repeated to Algiers and Rio de Janeiro.

  1. Adm. Georges Robert, French High Commissioner in the French West Indies.
  2. Following demonstration of a mob Gov. René Veber stated he was placing Government at disposition of General Giraud.