851B.01/80: Telegram

The Consul General in Martinique (Malige) to the Secretary of State 17

197. Hoppenot posted proclamation acknowledging adhesion of Antilles to supreme authority of Empire united at side of United Nations already victorious stating that Antilles self-liberation from former tyrannical regime is to their imperishable honor and promising all Vichy acts bearing armistice imprint or contravening laws of the French Republic will be abrogated.

Hoppenot letter of July 15 to Robert which is circulating freely states no civil, military or naval personnel will be forced to serve the new authorities and any not desiring to do so have until July 31 to opt in favor of either residence here or of departure which the new authorities will facilitate as soon as possible including payment of travel or actual transportation to destination and obtainment of foreign funds. Letter promises no punishment of any kind for obedience or service to previous authorities or refusal to serve new ones. The letter states Algiers Committee agreeable to Robert and entourage proceeding to France and Hoppenot promises to aid any others desiring to proceed there, subject Allied war policy which he emphasizes would probably bar men of military age and merchant seamen.

  1. Relations with the French Antilles were resumed through Consul General Malige after Mr. Hoppenot arrived in Martinique as Delegate Extraordinary to replace Admiral Robert.