The French High Commissioner in the French West Indies ( Robert ) to the Naval Observer at the American Consulate at Fort-de-France ( Hickey )13


I have the honor to request that you transmit to Admiral Hoover the following telegram:

“The economic blockade to which the American Government has subjected the French Antilles has borne fruit. Hunger and restrictions have gained the upper hand. Realizing that my Government is responsible, and in order to avoid bloodshed, I ask you under the guarantee of upholding French sovereignty in these possessions and the expressed condition of no American force intervening, to send me a plenipotentiary with whom I will be able to fix the method of changing authority on the issue of which, having fulfilled all my duties, I have decided to retire.”

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Navy Department on July 26. After the return to the United States of Consul General Malige, American interests regarding Martinique were placed in the hands of the Navy.