851B.20/190b: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General in Martinique (Malige)

51. This is for your own information and background. There is a rising opinion here against a continuance of the present situation in Martinique and in favor of a satisfactory solution in the not too distant future. This Government questions whether the French Antilles should continue to share the security of this hemisphere without making any contribution to that security and aiding their compatriots who are fighting for the liberation of their homeland.

A series of daily radio broadcasts in French from this country directed towards Martinique will begin tomorrow afternoon at 6:45 with a view to explaining to the local authorities and population the changing situation. You will please listen and keep the Department currently informed of the reception of these broadcasts, the impression created in Fort-de-France and any comments and suggestions you may wish to offer. Meantime the Department is preparing an instruction which will serve as a basis of conversation for you with Admiral Robert.

Repeat to Cayenne as No. 9.