851B.24/78: Telegram

The Consul General in Martinique (Malige) to the Secretary of State

86. My 82, February 23.89 Admiral Robert has telegraphed Vichy as follows:

“The United States Government recognizes no longer the Gentlemen’s Agreement, regarding it unsuited to circumstances arising since its conclusion. That Government requests another agreement involving a closer economic cooperation similar to that being given by the other countries of this hemisphere. The adoption by the United States of a totalitarian economy spreading to the hemisphere is a fact that will weigh increasingly on the life of these colonies until traffic can be reestablished with Europe or North Africa. I regard as reasonable the grant of some economic satisfactions to the United States through helping the American Republics by means of a few [Page 230]tankers. The most practicable solution is to affreight them on time charter to French Lines, incorporated, a French company being organized in New York, which would use them only in this hemisphere. They would remain entirely French. It would facilitate my task if you could reply before the end of this month.”

  1. Not printed.