851B.24/56: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General in Martinique (Malige)

33. Department is informed by Morin de Linclays, General Manager of French Line in New York, that Captain, officers and crew of Guadeloupe, now at New Orleans, have expressed their wish to abandon status of neutrality and to serve the Allied cause. They have declared that they will not return to the Antilles with their vessel and cargo pending definite clarification of the status of French possessions and until measures of security are taken for the vessel. They further decline to load cargo which is waiting on the docks.

De Linclays is telegraphing Admiral Robert in the above sense today. Inform Hickey.87 Navy is informing Admiral Hoover.

You should take no action regarding this matter unless it is brought to your attention by French authorities in which case you may say that you have been informed of the report and that your Government has had nothing whatever to do with the position taken by these men.

  1. Capt. A. S. Hickey, Naval Observer at the American Consulate at Fort-de-France.