851B.24/38: Telegram

The Consul General in Martinique ( Malige ) to the Secretary of State

16. Following is substance of Vichy message73 mentioned in my 14, Jaunary 8,74 and just received by me:

German Government consents to use of St. Domingue, Angouleme, Guadeloupe, Due d’Aumale, and Bourgogne for supplying Antilles provided French Government guarantees, after receiving such a guarantee from you as the representative of France, that you will take all steps to prevent the immobilized warships and planes, the gold and the merchant ships including the tankers while in Antilles or on voyages or in a foreign port from falling into the hands of foreign powers; also that you will abstain from all relations with dissident authorities in North Africa.

The above not exceeding previous French Government instructions to you, the German requirement arises out of events in North Africa and the parts [ports?] of the immobilized ships.

Insofar as our ships do not enter the zone of operations, the German Government will take all steps towards non-molestation but without responsibility in case of error.

Telegraph dates of departures and detailed itineraries 6 days beforehand except 10 days for resumption of traffic.

Messages of reply from Admiral Robert contain, the above guarantees and fix departures on January 18 of Angouleme for Mobile, Guadeloupe for New Orleans, Bourgogne for Aruba and St. Domingue for Para and on January 21, of Due d’Aumale for Ciudad Trujillo via Curaçao.

  1. Message from Vichy to Admiral Robert.
  2. Not printed.