851.86/63: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Matthews) to the Secretary of State

1189. When Admiral Stark’s representative delivered the further communication to General de Gaulle referred to in the Embassy’s telegram No. 1174, February 15, 10 p.m. [midnight], to Palewski47 yesterday morning, the latter reiterated the arguments contained in General de Gaulle’s memorandum. He specifically stated that “General de Gaulle had not been consulted as to Allied arrangements with the French authorities in North Africa and refused to be bound by any agreement to which the French National Committee was not a party.” He also reiterated that “it would be impossible to insist that the 30 seamen return to the Lot and Wyoming in New York in view of the punishment to which they would be unduly submitted for this display of their freedom as free Frenchmen to choose to serve with the forces really representative of France.”

  1. Gaston Palewski, member of General de Gaulle’s staff at London.