Memorandum by the Secretary of State to President Roosevelt

Memorandum to the President

I understand that on September 4, 1943 the Danish Minister presented to you a request for the issuance by you and Mr. Churchill of a statement regarding recent events in Denmark.17 Subsequently he [Page 15]spoke to me about this matter and also gave me a copy of a draft statement18 which he had prepared.

I believe that on balance a statement of this sort should be issued. There is evidence to indicate that the Germans now realize that it was a mistake to force the resignation of the Government in Copenhagen. Recent press reports indicate that they have approached several political leaders in connection with the possible formation of a new government. A statement by you and, if possible, by you and Mr. Churchill would do much to deter the Danes from any form of future collaboration with Germany and would encourage the Danish people in their resistance to German rule.

A redraft19 of the Minister’s statement is attached for your consideration.

C[ordell] H[ull]
  1. After the resignation of the Danish Government on August 28, 1943, German troops entered Copenhagen and took over the most important administrative posts of the city. In a number of places there were incidents of conflict between Danes and Germans and a state of emergency was declared.
  2. See draft statement, p. 12.
  3. Not printed.