840.50/2668: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) to the Secretary of State

1871. My 187 [1807], September 26.37 I called on Generalissimo by appointment October 4 accompanied by Atcheson and found suitable opportunity, in response to his inquiries as to American post-war plans, to give emphasis to the determination with which the American Government and people are devoting themselves to the primary task of achieving complete victory involving unconditional surrender by Germany and Japan and to say that we looked to our Allies including China to cooperate to that end with all the effort and resources at their command. He said that China can be counted upon to do her share.

The conversation lasted 50 minutes and Chiang was most cordial in welcoming me back and in his attitude throughout. Of the many questions he put to me it was apparent that his chief interest lay in those relating to the possibility of continuing Russian collaboration during and after the war, to American post-war plans and to the capacity of Americans and Chinese for friendly cooperation.

I took occasion to convey to the Generalissimo cordial greetings from President Roosevelt and Secretary Hull and to offer congratulations on his election to the Presidency of the Chinese Government.

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This and my conversations with other Chinese officials incident to my return will in due course be discussed and fully described by despatch.38

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