800.0146/170: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Atcheson) to the Secretary of State

1781. Embassy’s 1730, September 16. Administration of liberated areas. In conversation with the Acting Foreign Minister September 21, Dr. Wu brought up this question and said that after further consideration the Chinese felt no concern in regard to possibility of misunderstanding among Chinese and American military commanders in areas of China liberated from Japanese occupation but were feeling a growing concern in regard to adjacent areas such as Burma and Thailand. He said that as neither China nor the United States had any territorial ambitions and had made this clear there were doubts as to the intentions “of others” and a concrete problem would be presented if, for example, Chinese troops should invade Burma from China and British troops should invade Burma from India. The Chinese Government accordingly considered that it would be most advisable to have all possible questions resolved beforehand in order to avoid unfortunate complications and some suggestions in this respect had been telegraphed to Dr. Soong3 in Washington for discussion with the Department.

  1. T. V. Soong, Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs.