740.0011 Moscow/10–1843

Summary of the Eighth Regular Session of the Tripartite Conference of Foreign Ministers, Moscow, October 26, 1943, 4 p.m.


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Mr. Molotov then announced that the Soviet Government had no objection to the inclusion of China as an original signatory, but since he was most anxious to have some declaration signed and announced before the Conference broke up he was doubtful whether from a technical point of view it would be possible for the Chinese Ambassador12 here to receive the necessary powers before the end of the Conference.

The Secretary said he would undertake to communicate the text to the Chinese Government and he was convinced that the necessary powers would be forthcoming to the Ambassador here for China to sign before the end of the Conference.

Mr. Molotov accepted the Secretary’s suggestion but expressed the strong hope that there would be no delay which would interfere with the publication by the Conference of the contents of the Declaration.

The Secretary then said that he had thought of an alternative method of ensuring China’s participation as an original signatory but he was merely putting it out as a possibility as he was optimistic that the Chinese Ambassador here would receive the necessary powers in time. This alternative method was to permit China to sign as an original member within ten days following the close of the Conference.

Mr. Molotov then said he considered that the Conference was in complete agreement and authorized the Secretary to submit the text to the Chinese Government on behalf of the Conference.

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  1. Foo Ping-sheung.