740.0011 Moscow/18: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1914. Department’s 1442, October 7. Generalissimo inquired as to Mr. Hull’s health and asked whether he would personally attend Tripartite Foreign Ministers Conference. I replied I had no official information but assumed from recent press reports that he would attend in person. He then asked where conference would be held. I stated that when I left Washington there had been no announcement on the subject. He then asked what was the opinion in Washington when I left as to Soviet continuance in the war and collaboration with partners of the United Nations. I replied that I had not discussed this subject with higher authorities in Washington but that from my conversation in official circles generally I had definite impression that there is full American confidence that Soviet Russia will continue in the war and in collaboration with partners of United Nations. Generalissimo commented that there has always been deep suspicion of Soviet intentions and subject is one of great importance. I replied that I had, of course, noted press speculation regarding intentions of Soviet Russia; that while there had been mutual suspicion between Soviet Russia and other powers for many years and it might take some time fully to break down any such suspicion still lingering in [Page 823] the minds of unofficial observers, there seemed in official circles at home to be every indication of confidence that relations with the Soviet would continue on a satisfactory basis and that the meeting of the Foreign Ministers would be successful in clarifying objectives and policies in matters of mutual concern and interest with reference to the European theater of the war.