The Secretary of State to the Chinese Ambassador (Wei)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of China and has the honor to refer to his note of July 4, 1943 concerning plans of the Chinese Central Broadcasting Station to send a daily ten minute broadcast in Spanish from Chungking to the countries of South America. The note suggests that the proposed broadcast might be relayed via the American shortwave station, KWID, in San Francisco in as much as the Chinese station, XGOY, is not sufficiently powerful to reach South America directly.

The Department desires to inform His Excellency that it is contrary to the policy of this Government to make available the facilities of shortwave radio stations controlled by this Government for the relaying of regular or continuing series of broadcasts originating in a foreign country and directed towards other foreign countries. It is regretted, therefore, that it is not possible to make arrangements for the relay of daily programs from Chungking to the other American republics as suggested in the Ambassador’s note.