893.86/11: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

2141. Department’s 1567, November 1. Soong informed me November 9 he had discussed matter with Generalissimo and suggested that if Stilwell did not want the seamen at Ramgarh they be flown to Kunming for induction there into Chinese army; Soong said there should not be many seamen involved—all that was needed was a gesture [Page 812] and there would be no further desertions. After further discussion with Stilwell’s headquarters we are now informed that, rather than use plane space for even one or two batches, Stilwell prefers to accept the antagonist [sic] batch of deserters at Ramgarh and will require a week or 10 days’ notice of their arrival at debarkation point in order to arrange for Chinese military escort suggested by penultimate sentence Department’s 1364, September 25.