Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Troy L. Perkins of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs 16

Mr. Tsui called at the Department on the morning of April 21 and handed Mr. Perkins an informal typed statement which he stated could be used in lieu of an oral statement, and which he said was to be considered as in continuation of an aide-mémoire left with the Secretary by Ambassador Wei at the time of his April 10 call. The typed statement reads as follows:

  • “1. The Chinese Ambassador begs to refer to the request he made in his communication of April 10, 1943 that the observations of his government on H. R. 2076 should be communicated to the Chairmen of the Foreign Relations and Immigration Committees of the Senate.
  • “2. The Chinese Ambassador pointed out that negotiations have been engaged with the British Government in regard to providing equality of treatment in conditions of work and scale of wages for Chinese seamen.
  • “3. The Chinese Ambassador wishes now to communicate that these negotiations are being undertaken by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of China and the British Ambassador at Washington, and a definite conclusion is expected in a few days. The Chinese Ambassador would be very grateful if this information could also be conveyed to the two Chairmen of the Senate Committees.”

  1. Initialed by the Chief of the Division (Hamilton).