Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Mr. Troy L. Perkins of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs11

Mr. Tsui11a of the Chinese Embassy telephoned Mr. Perkins on the morning of April 14 and said that he understood that the legislation relating to the deportation of seamen might be expected to be passed by Congress shortly. In view of the urgency of the matter, he said, the Chinese Embassy hoped that the State Department would do whatever it could to effect an amendment or change in the legislation in so far as it pertained to Chinese seamen. Mr. Tsui said that the Embassy regarded the legislation as unfair to Chinese seamen. He mentioned that the Chinese Ambassador was in New York at the moment.

Mr. Tsui was told that his message would be communicated to the officers of the Department who are handling the matter. Mr. Perkins gave Mr. Mundy of Mr. Berle’s office the substance of the conversation with Mr. Tsui with the request that Mr. Berle be informed. Mr. Tsui’s message was also communicated to Mr. Stone of the Secretary’s office.

  1. Initialed by the Chief of the Division (Hamilton).
  2. First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy.