The Chinese Ambassador ( Wei ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Berle )

My Dear Mr. Berle: I was glad to have the opportunity yesterday of discussing with you and the Attorney General the question of deportation of Chinese seamen in the United States. I have since carefully considered the matter and I feel that the position in which Chinese nationals now find themselves calls for special consideration from the standpoint of law enforcement in that they are prevented by circumstances of war to return to their own country. If they are made deportable to a third country contrary to the accepted practice of returning them to the country of origin, they are in fact made to suffer the consequences of force majeure and subjected to less favorable treatment than in normal times.

In regard to the question of Chinese seamen in general, I wish to assure you that the Chinese Government is most anxious to collaborate with the United States Government to find a satisfactory solution [Page 799] and is taking steps in that direction. While I am able to appreciate the position taken by the Attorney General, I regret that I cannot subscribe to the course of action as contemplated in the proposed bill of amendment regarding deportation of aliens.

I shall be obliged if you will be so good as to convey to the Attorney General the above observations and my appreciation of his courtesy in affording me the opportunity of discussing the matter with him.

Very sincerely yours,

Wei Tao-ming