Memorandum Prepared in the Department of State

Technical Experts Sent to China Under the Cultural Relations Program of the Department of State


  • Dr. Walter C. Lowdermilk,
    Assistant Chief, Soil Conservation Service,
    United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Dr. T. P. Dykstra,
    Principal Pathologist (Potato Breeding),
    Bureau of Plant Industry,
    United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Professor Ray G. Johnson,
    Head, Department of Animal Husbandry,
    Oregon State College.
  • Dr. Ralph W.Phillips,
    Principal Animal Breeder,
    Bureau of Animal Industry,
    United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Dr. E. A. Tunnicliff,
    Associate Veterinary Pathologist,
    Montana State College.
  • Dr. Donald V. Shuhart,
    Senior Technician on Soil Erosion,
    Soil Conservation Service,
    United States Department of Agriculture.


  • Mr. Omar C. Bagwell,
    Member of the Executive Staff,
    International Telephone and Telegraph Company,
    New York, New York.
    (Former Chief Engineer, Madrid, Spain.)
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  • Dr. W. Mackenzie Stevens,
    Dean of Commerce,
    University of Maryland.
  • Mr. John R. Lyman,
    Business Executive, St. Louis, Missouri.
    (Formerly Small Business Statistician, Department of Commerce)

Engineering Professors

  • Mr. P. B. Eaton,
    Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    LaFayette College.
  • Mr. F. N. M. Brown,
    Head, Department of Aeronautical Engineering,
    Notre Dame University.
  • Mr. F. O. McMillan,
    Head, Department of Electrical Engineering,
    Oregon State College.

Hydraulic Engineering

  • Mr. Willis C. Barrett,
    Supervising Engineer, Imperial Valley Irrigation Works,
    El Centro, California.
    (Formerly Consultant, Fukien Construction Bureau, Foochow)
  • Mr. John L. Savage,
    Chief Designing Engineer,
    Bureau of Reclamation,
    Department of Interior


  • Mr. W. W. Kintner,
    Superintendent, Timken Roller Bearing Company,
    Canton, Ohio.
    (Machine shop specialist)
  • Mr. John L. Keenan,
    Recently General Manager, Tata Steel Works, India.


  • Mr. Floyd Taylor,
    City Editor,
    New York World-Telegram.
  • Mr. Frank T. Buchner,
    Magazine Editor, Wright Aeronautical Corporation,
    Paterson, New Jersey.
  • Mr. George H. Grim,
    Radio Director,
    Minneapolis Star-Journal.
  • Mr. George Alexanderson,
    New[s] Photographer, New York Times.


  • Major John T. Tripp,
    Specialist in Bacteriologic Materials.