811.42793/1223: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China (Atcheson)

807. Funds have been requested and may possibly be available July 1 for sending 3 American professors to China for 1 year. The Department is tentatively considering the appointment of George Cressey, professor of geography at Syracuse University, to fill the first position. His assignment would differ from that of his two colleagues. He would be expected to act as field representative of the Division of Cultural Relations to make the program more effective among educational groups; and to recommend to the Department measures for the improvement and the development of the program. He might be asked to cooperate with Needham21 in aiding Chinese scientists.

Cressey’s effectiveness would depend largely upon the welcome that would be accorded to him in Chinese official and educational circles. The Embassy is requested, at its discretion, to institute inquiries [Page 743] with regard to his acceptability among these groups. If acceptable an appointment to Academia Sinica parallel to Needham’s might prove advantageous.

  1. Joseph Needham, member of British Cultural and Scientific Mission to China.