The Adviser on Political Relations ( Hornbeck ) to the Commercial Secretary of the British Embassy ( Jopson )

Dear Mr. Jopson: I acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 23 regarding exchange of information in connection with questions of policy and action relating to conclusion with China of treaties of commerce.

It has been the understanding of officers of the Department who were parties to the conversation held on May 7 [6] that there was reached a consensus of opinion that the matters then discussed might most appropriately and to greatest advantage be dealt with informally. As was then indicated, we share with you the desire and hope that the British Government and the American Government will keep each other informed of any significant developments in relation to those matters. We are glad to have now the information given in your letter under acknowledgment. So far as this Government is concerned there have been since the moment of the discussion under reference no new developments.

Yours sincerely,

Stanley K. Hornbeck