893.796/364: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) to the Secretary of State

28. Bond of CNAC requests that Hornbeck be informed CNAC is asking through CDS for 5 planes as soon as possible in addition to usual monthly deliveries; that CNAC wishes forthwith to employ 2 for internal service greatly needed and later to so employ 3 more; that our Army has been unwilling heretofore to release planes for internal service pending attainment specified monthly inward freight movement through ATC but he trusts they will now agree since quota was reached in December; that this will further American interests besides providing urgently needed communications; and that he hopes Hornbeck will support.

In connection with above I learn Ministry Communications desires 5 planes, 2 only for CNAC and 3 for ATC. Later company, however, [Page 686] which has only operated and serviced German planes, is not organized to fly and service Douglas transports. Having in mind assurances given by Soong to Currie months ago that Lend-Lease planes to China will be entrusted to CNAC for operation, I hope that, if these planes are released to China, it will be definitely stipulated that they shall be for operation by CNAC as the only organization now here competent to fly and service American transport planes.