811.20 Defense (M)/14713: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1805. Department’s 1280 September 13, and Embassy’s 1763 September 20 and 1795 September 24.26 This matter has been discussed with Stilwell and Fowler. As indicated by Fowler’s message in our 1763, Stilwell has assented to using Suifu as an airline terminal and has approved assignment of five planes daily on the Assam-Suifu service. It is understood that Stilwell’s headquarters is discussing details with CNAC and expects that arrangements will be concluded soon. Service is expected to result in movement of 10 tons daily from Szechuan area or, assuming some unfavorable weather conditions, at least 200 tons monthly and it is to be stipulated that strategic materials including bristles and tung oil must have outgoing priority and that incoming cargoes are to be limited to war materials including bank notes. Feathers are not obtained in area tributary to Suifu. Proposed service will not require refueling of planes in China.

  1. Nos. 1763 and 1795 not printed.