893.5151/922a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China ( Vincent )

587. Your cable of April 22, 1943, TF–110.23 For Adler from the Secretary of the Treasury. For your personal and confidential information and immediate reply, and not to be discussed with the Chinese Government authorities.

Please describe in more detail, if possible, the arrangements referred to in (b) of the first paragraph of your cable and clarify the meaning of the last sentence, “Settlement of the account would be made after the war.”
Has the Board approved the Ministry of Finance’s proposal?
The Treasury would appreciate having your views on the Ministry of Finance’s proposal. If you have already indicated your approval of this proposal, have you thereby gone on record as agreeing that the 50 percent exchange compensation being offered is adequate and reasonable?
Does this proposal of the Ministry of Finance mean any fundamental change in the attitude of the Ministry of Finance towards the granting of special rates for special purposes? [Morgenthau.]
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