893.51/7702: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China ( Atcheson )

1088. From Secretary of the Treasury for Adler. Your 1373, August 4, and TF–150, August 6. Please tell Dr. Kung that:

The reason the Treasury instructed Mr. Adler to submit his resignation is that, since no request was received for the renewal of the 1940 [1941] agreement as provided in paragraph 9 thereof, the agreement had lapsed. We have just been informed by Dr. Kuo and Mr. Hsi that, as the Ministry of Finance is now considering revisions of the 1941 agreement for submittal to the Treasury, Dr. Kung wishes Mr. Adler to withdraw his resignation. In view of this the Treasury is asking Mr. Adler to withdraw his resignation temporarily. [Morgenthau.]