740.0011 Pacific War/3227

The War Department to the Department of State

Summary of Telegram No. 170 of May 5, 1943 Received by the War Department From the Military Attaché at Chungking

Following is submitted by Colonel DePass: A report from a questionable source indicates that at recent conferences in Nanking between Japanese, Puppets and Chinese communists the Japanese promised the conquest of China during 1943; to permit the incorporation of Sinkiang, Shensi and Kansu communist area in to the U. S. S. R.; to support puppet control; and to begin in June all-out China operations with attacks on Kunming and Sian and thereafter to converge on Chungking (Note: The above report was rated by Colonel DePass as C–4 meaning a fairly reliable source and a doubtfully true report).

His comment is that certain conditions render credence to the report such as the Chinese admission of concern toward the attitude of the 8th Route Army, a report from an observer in the northwest, Tokyo’s promise of an important victory, gradual reinforcements in Burma and the present fighting in Taihengshan. He believes that Japan has sufficient forces in China to complete her conquest, if undertaken, [Page 53] in less than seven months but he interprets present indications as meaning that Japan will continue her strategic defense in the China Theater, increase her war production, consolidate present holdings, improve her economic conditions and develop all available resources.64

  1. In his telegram No. 646, May 4, noon, the Chargé in China (Vincent) cabled: “I do not credit rumor reported in Military Attachés telegram number 170 of May 5 and I concur in general with his comment.”