811.51/4196: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

1742. Department’s circular telegram of May 18, 4 p.m.; and my 1707. Registration and depositing of note[s] are proceeding as planned. With the following two exceptions only legitimate future importation of bank notes into the United States from Brazil will be for account of Bank of Brazil.


Travelers leaving Brazil for Western Hemisphere destinations before July 22 may take with them up to a maximum of $400. (This is to take care of persons whose travel plans have been completed and who have already acquired currency from legitimate sources.)
In exceptional [cases?], Bank of Brazil with Embassy approval may from time to time return dollars to persons on [en] route to the United States. In these cases Embassy will telegraph approval to the Department for the information of American authorities.

Please request Passport Division to advise future travelers to Brazil including those in transit to take their funds in the form of travelers checks, bank drafts or letters of credit.