832.796/1030: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

3171. Your 3908, September 30, 3 p.m.

The equipment in DSC’s pool is intended to be used in the de-Axization program or for the rehabilitation of Latin American air lines to prevent any return of these lines to Axis hands, and in other special situations. The Department understands Panair do Brasil’s problem but Defense Supplies states its equipment is not available for the purposes mentioned. If, however, Pan American Airways, on behalf of Panair do Brasil, applies for this extra equipment through the proper channels, which includes approval by the War Department, the Department will be glad to be of assistance.
Defense Supplies equipment is not, it is repeated, intended to fill requirements for the maintenance of existing United States commercial services or for their “normal” expansion.
The apparent endeavor to reopen the question of the DC–2’s regarding which the Brazilian Government is committed (your telegram 2765 of July 28, 7 p.m.37), and the DSC in turn is committed to Pluna, is in our opinion unjustified and unreasonable. The proposed Pluna arrangement on which, we repeat, we are committed, subject to Pluna’s fulfillment of prescribed conditions, is also an important part of our aviation program; and the acquisition of the DC–2’s for it is entirely unrelated to Panair’s problem of extra equipment for “normal” services. The Brazilian Air Ministry will not have forgotten that as part of our efforts to assist Brazilian aviation, two Lodestars have just been delivered to NAB (Department’s 1342, May 25, midnight37).

The DSC fully concurs in the foregoing.

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