832.796/1030: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

3908. The loss of a Panair do Brasil airplane 2 days ago plus the increasing demand for services make it desirable that Panair do Brasil, which can certainly use them, be provided with more airplanes. The loss of the DC–2’s without replacement would seriously reduce Panair do Brasil’s services.

It is suggested therefore that two of the Defense Supplies’ Lockheed Lodestars be sold or leased to Panair as soon as possible. The Air Ministry strongly objects to letting the two DC–2’s sold to Pluna27 leave Brazil. It is believed however that these objections will be overcome if two Lodestars are forthcoming for Panair do Brasil. Obviously definite permission would be obtained to remove the DC–2’s from Brazil prior to the sending of the Lodestars. Satterthwaite concurs.

  1. Uruguayan airline.