832.796/802: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)

354. In the course of a discussion between officers of the Defense Supplies Corporation and the Department, the Brazilian Ambassador90 and the Brazilian Minister of Finance,91 the Minister was informed that provided Condor was satisfactorily de-Germanized it [Page 772] might be possible to furnish two or three Lockheed planes and perhaps two or three DC–3’s to Condor in the very near future. It was emphasized to Souza Costa that unless a decision was made very promptly these airplanes would not be available since there was a great need for them in the war effort.

Department is advised that this information has been transmitted to the Brazilian Government and that it is probable you will be approached regarding the matter by Condor.

  1. Carlos Martins.
  2. Arthur de Souza Costa; his presence in Washington was for the purpose of obtaining defense materials from the United States.